Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my website. I’m so glad you’re here. Do you like the shoes in my header? I love shoes!!  But I digress.  I’m so excited to welcome you to my website and introduce you to my first published book, Tears in a Bottle.  I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.



Tears in a Bottle
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When a mugging leaves Angela Prescott bruised and battered in a hospital bed, she has no idea how her life is about to change. For her, this event is just further proof that men are untrustworthy and to be avoided, but the handsome John Chang is determined to show her that men can also be caring and gentle.

Angela’s past experiences have taught her the hard way to keep people at arm’s lengths. She doesn’t understand why John Chang ignores her desire to be left alone and continues to give her his close, personal attention. When he begins breaking through emotional walls she’s built through the years, she decides she must end the relationship before it even starts. She does everything she can to run him off, but when it appears her efforts may be successful, she starts to wonder whether getting rid of him is what she really wants. Will their love be enough to overcome the hurdles of emotional baggage and racial differences? Will Angela ever be able to let go of her past and allow John Chang to help her place her ‘Tears in a Bottle’?


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